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>   CTS CLOUD (Public Cloud) 

Imagine your office in the cloud with a CTS virtual business phone system solution. CTS Cloud PBX is a fully featured Unified Communications solution that delivers secure & reliable calling and advanced functionality.

With our feature-rich VoIP phone system for business, you can:

Manage Communications from Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can manage your VoIP phone system from an intuitive, web-based control panel. Adjust account settings on the go from any Internet browser or mobile device.

Grow Your Business on a Budget

Because our VoIP business phone system is managed in the cloud, you don't have to worry about the cost of owning and maintaining an on-site PBX. All you need is an IP phone and an Internet connection.

Get Essential Business Phone Features

Get all of the advanced calling features you need to grow your business. Features include call forwarding, advanced call routing, Interactive Voice Response and many more features normally found in onsite solutions.


>   IP PBX (Private Cloud) 

An IP PBX is a switch or Private Branch Exchange which uses IP addressing (Internet Protocol) to route all your incoming and outgoing calls over an internet connection. Traditional "copper lines" are replaced with SIP trunks, and your number is ported across to our service (which is basically a process to convert your existing phone number to a digital line). 

Our state of the art Ericsson LG PBX equipment is packed with features which are easy to configure and can be managed remotely which significantly reduces support and running costs.  Systems are easily scalable as your business grows with additional licence upgrades. This means you only pay for the system you need. 

You can use your existing Fibre or VDSL Internet Connection to connect an IP PBX, or alternatively we can assist you in setting up a new Fibre connection at your premises. This is preferable to many customers as you receive one bill for internet, line rental and call charges. 


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