Why CTS?

Experienced telecommunication specialists who will provide the best products & services and go the extra mile.

Here's what makes CTS the right call -

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Today's technology provides great opportunities, but we don't just offer you the latest telephony fads - CTS test and prove solutions to ensure they'll work for you, keeping your future needs in mind. 

Whether it's Cloud, or full feature-rich On Premise IP PBX, Phones, Plug & play solutions when you shift between your business & home office...Fax to Email, Call diversions, Call Reporting, Digital Phones, DECT, Cordless Headsets...

Business lines, networks & Broadband, CTS Cloud, LG Ericsson (iPECS / Aria), Grandstream, Samsung, NEC, Panasonic and more...

New technology can mean savings, but it's important to understand both the benefits & limitations of all options.  We'll let you know exactly what the pro's & con's are before you commit to anything.     

CTS provide the latest SIP, VoIP and Cloud solutions. With over 25 years in digital & data networks, CTS have seen new fads come & go and know what might limit your ability to shift or change in the future. 



Customers stay with us because they want to                                                           

We won't lock you into a contract.

CTS values long term partnerships and each client's needs are unique. With our personalised approach, we work with you to find the best solution for you.  We are here to assist you. 

Upgrading to Fibre?  CTS get you up to speed fast. CTS deal with the Telco's and ISP's to provide as seamless transition as possible. 

Commercial, Goverment, Schools, Residential.

We have the expertise & experience  You can be assured of the quality and consistency of what we do - nationwide. 

CTS commits to the highest level of service because all our people are experienced and trained in the latest equipment that we sell and service.  Our team is Site Safe qualified and well experienced in safety compliance & procedures.  We trial & test new technology and systems to provide you with the most cost effective & efficient solutions.

Telephones and communications are a vital part of business today and a top priority for your success. If you care about the way you sound to the outside world, you'll want to invest in the most appropriate phone systems and telephone technology to suit your unique needs.                       

Our aim is to make your telecommunications as cost effective, convenient and efficient as possible for you and your customers.  We analyse your phone bills & current set up, assessing your Telco network requirements to improve your bottom line.  

Let us show you ways to capitalise on your new fibre speed to significantly reduce your business calling & broadband costs.  Request here.

You will get the best solution because it will be YOUR solution. We give you the options; there are many choices to make and we want you to make informed decisions about your cabling & telephone system to ensure your solution is as futureproof as possible.

Telecommunications & cabling solutions that can be upgraded, scaled as you grow and changed to suit your future needs & technology is vital. 

We work with a large range of brands and suppliers and we will give you unbiased advice not a "commission" driven sales pitch.

We make the technical understandable.  

Technology offers many options and opportunities for your business.

Our main focus is to identify your needs and provide options that will deliver a cost effective & efficient solution. Simple.

Our customers are OUR priority. A quick response time is always a priority for CTS. We understand that your phones are usually the lifeline to your business & clients. 

For urgent requests CTS are usually on the case within minutes as most issues can be resolved by remote access to your system. 

Unforeseen power spikes or outages can cause mayhem with your office equipment but CTS will re-establish your phone, fax & computer connections, minimising any inconvenience to you and your clients.