CTS provide certified residential data cabling & quality wireless solutions to connect your home to the new fibre infrastructure.

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To get fibre broadband into your house, you need a direct physical connection to the fibre cable in your street. 

The Fibre connection to your house is similar to that of a gas supply, electricity or water supply - and only your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can request this connection to your house from the fibre 'pipeline' in the street.

Once this connection (ONT) is installed, you will be able to connect your internet devices via data cabling or WIFI (or a combination of both).  In addition to WIFI, hard wired data cables might be run to the Study or Office area, providing data ports that you can plug your computer directly into for a more stable connection.   WIFI is generally relied on but can be vulnerable to drop outs, coverage fluctuations and interference, so this is worth considering. 

Ideally data cabling is installed during the new build or renovation process, so that cabling is hidden in wall cavities, out of sight. This gives you data ports in areas where your reliance on internet connection & speed is vital and you want to ensure the most reliable and stable connection possible.  

CTS scan their data cabling to test connectivity, speed & approve performance.

Fibre & data cabling is not electrical cable, requires specialised installation within the home, that is if you want to ensure that the internet devices connect & perform at their optimum level. 

CTS staff are Manufacturer Certified to install data cabling which comes with a 20 year performance warranty so you can be assured you are receiving the full benefits that UFB Fibre provides.  CTS have been data cabling and providing wireless network solutions to businesses for over 20 years so you can be assured, they know what works and have the best equipment to ensure the job is done properly.  


Insufficient coverage (connection dropouts & deadzones) are a common complaint;

CTS offer quality wireless & cabled solutions, configured to suit your home's layout, lifestyle and budget.

CTS conduct a complete review of your in-home requirements. Our technicians assess your bandwidth usage and your technical gadgetry so you can be assured that your fibre investment pays you back through the smoothest, fastest connection possible. 

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