LG Ericsson IPCR Recording

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LG Ericsson IPECS IPCR Call Recording
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LG Ericsson IPECS IPCR Outline User Guide    LG Ericsson IPECS IPCR Outline User Guide

Main Features:

iPECS IP Call Recording (IPCR)

A call recording and monitoring server application for iPECS call servers.

IPCR is designed expressly for small to medium-sized business. iPECS IPCR delivers an affordable yet flexible solution.

Employing the open Linux OS and integration with the iPECS call servers simplifies installation, eases maintenance and reduces costs.

The application records and permits monitoring of any station managed by the iPECS call servers including local and remote IP Phones, TDM and SLT devices and provides value-added features for the convenience of the user and administrator.