>   Toll-Free - Free Calling Numbers

CTS is one of New Zealand's leading providers of telephony and VoIP services. Toll-free numbers are a key business tool ensuring customer accessibility.  We can migrate your 0800 and 0508 toll free phone numbers to a VoIP platform to reduce call charges.


>   Traditional Voice POTS lines

Plain old telephone service (POTS) is the voice-grade telephone service that remains the basic form of residential and small business service connection to the telephone network in most parts of the world. The name is a retronym, and is a reflection of the telephone service still available after the advent of more advanced forms of telephony such as ISDN, mobile phones and VoIP. The system was originally known as the Post Office Telephone Service/System in many countries. The term was dropped as telephone services were removed from the control of national post offices.

CTS can migrate your traditional copper lines to SIP numbers to enable you to take advantage of better calling rates. The process of moving numbers from a traditional line is called "porting". There is usually a once off nominal charge for each number moved to the VoIP platform.

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