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CTS now offer Business Landline & Broadband packages - highly competitive rates that could save your business significant $$.  Click here to compare.

Let us take a look at your traditional Landline & Broadband bill...we'll do the math & let you know how much your business could be's that simple. 

CTS provide the latest in communications, data & electrical cabling, Cloud, Voice & Broadband services, wireless networking and remotely accessed serveillance.

With over 25 years in Business Telecommunications & IT, we use our extensive knowledge to provide only tried & tested solutions to improve your business systems & bottom line.

> Specialists in Cloud & IP Phone Systems  - Versatile Cloud PBX options, give your business the professional profile with LG Ericsson, Aria & iPECS, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung...

> Certified Data cabling  - Cat6, fibre, wireless & digital networks, scanned & backed up by our 20 year supplier warranty.

> Voice & Broadband Services - looking for cheaper calling & broadband rates for your company? Couldn't be simpler & we'll take care of it all for you.

> Data/Electrical Project Management - established partners with Telco's, Electricians, Site Safe, Security, IT, software & hardware suppliers for complete Cabling job quotes & installation.

> Security Cameras - high resolution IP solutions, for remote monitoring & surveillance.

> Telecommunications & Data solutions for all businesses...

"Murray and I really appreciate your efforts including your team in getting to the bottom of our issues regarding the network.

We understand the competing demands of WIFI especially our location right in the thick of it so to speak.

 You and your team are a credit to CTS in particular the computing services you all have provided Murray and I since we took over MBS Copy Centre on the 1st August.  We want to thank you all personally for your support.

Nga Mihi, Steph."

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